Mario can become Link in the new Mario Maker 2 update
Do you wish Nintendo would let you make Zelda levels in the same way you can make Mario courses? This might be the next best thing. The company has lifted the lid on the version 2.0 update for Mario Maker 2, and its most eye-catching feature is the Master Swo…   Read news

1) Make at least 100 forecasts
2) 70% minimum percentage of correct forecasts
3) Subscribe to the Telegram channel @hundred_swans
4) Share a link to your account cryptoswan.org on social networks (Facebook or Twitter)
After all the conditions are fulfilled, write to us [email protected] This promotion is valid until 31.12.2019
We added five cryptocurrencies for forecasts!
Binance Coin (BNB)
Cosmos (ATOM)
BitTorrent (BTT)
Lisk (LSK)
Augur (REP)
Amazon has the Rexing V1P 3rd Generation Dual 1080p Full HD Front and Rear 170 Degree Wide Angle Wi-Fi Car Dash Cam with Supercapacitor, 2.4" LCD Screen, G-Sensor, Loop Recording, Mobile App with a...   Read news
Whenever one of the indices has opened a big gap over the other one, its fall has also been much worse than the other.   Read news
A Chilean Air Force C-130 Hercules en route to Antarctica from Punta Arenas with 38 people on board has gone missing, prompting desperate search efforts The aircraft took off from Punta Arenas at 16:55 local time, and air traffic control lost contact at 18:13…   Read news
Earmark the next few evenings! Solar-system siblings Venus and Saturn will appear near each other in the night sky this week.   Read news
Company Virgo Plant Factory Ltd, launched in 2019 in Ontario, is working… The post Virgo Plant Factory Ltd Launches an Innovative Blockchain-based Agriculture Ecosystem appeared first on   Read news
Jotify makes note taking easy with a beautiful user interface. Secure, simple, and blazing fast, Jotify is the perfect companion for your jots and reminders. There...   Read news
"This unequivocally proves that a debt security can be managed through its full lifecycle," said an exec.   Read news
Moment of reckoning (Indian Express) Mains Paper 2 : International Prelims level : Rohingya Crisis Mains level : Myanmar move to address rohingya issues Context: Aung San Suu Kyi’s decision to appear before the International Court of Justice to defend Myanmar…   Read news
What does The Pirate Bay have in common with Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Disney, HBO, and Hulu? A streaming service. Yep, the notorious torrent platform is trialing a new feature that lets you stream high-quality video directly from the browser, as spotted by Tor…   Read news
I have products related to child category for example: I have category like that Toys, Toys -> ChildToys, Toys -> ChildToys -> Cars I have related products to Toys -> ChildToys -> Cars and I can get all products by Cars but How can I get the products by filte…   Read news
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