Analyse du prix du Bitcoin: BTC imprime une tendance baissière sur cinq jours alors que les vendeurs resserrent leur emprise en dessous de 34000
BTC / USD reste sur le pied arrière autour de 33 800 au début de mercredi. La paire de crypto major est tombée en dessous de la SMA de 10 jours mardi alors que la Floride   Read news

We added five cryptocurrencies for forecasts!
Binance Coin (BNB)
Cosmos (ATOM)
BitTorrent (BTT)
Lisk (LSK)
Augur (REP)
If you are looking into Ripple trading, then the best option for you is to trade with Direct Tradein. Being the best in the business for the longest time i   Read news
Chainlink (LINK) rallied towards the $ level before correcting lower, similar to bitcoin and Ethereum. The price is now trading near a major support zone at $. Chainlink token price traded as high as $ before starting a downside correction agai…   Read news
Setup your Own Crypto SMSF can be a difficult process. While the ATO explicitly allows for cryptocurrency investments by an SMSF, there are many tax c   Read news
Donald Trump has pardoned Ken Kurson, a former Ripple board member and a family friend. Ross Ulbricht did not make the list.   Read news
Pyramid schemes are illegal under the Fair Trading Act.   Read news
Ethereum traded as high as $1,437 before starting a downside correction against the US Dollar. ETH price is approaching a key support at $1,340 and $1,320. Ethereum surged above $1,400 and traded towards the $1,440 zone. The price is currently correcting lowe…   Read news
Attention has shifted to Ethereum, the largest altcoin in the market after breaking out to a new record high of $1,446 (on Coinbase). Speculators, tra   Read news
More and more mainstream companies and markets are turning to Bitcoin, pushing the cryptocurrency revolution from trend to reality...   Read news
Amid increasing distrust of custodial solutions and recent upgrades to Bitcoin Core, more Bitcoiners are starting to run their own nodes.   Read news
Bitcoin price failed to clear the $37,500 and $37,800 resistance levels against the US Dollar. BTC is currently moving lower and it could continue to move down towards $34,000 or $33,000. Bitcoin is facing a strong resistance near the $37,800 and $38,000 resi…   Read news
On the menu today: the death tax’s (possible) new scythe, vaccines and the EU’s lethal central-planning fail, Merkel/Brezhnev, credit-market Jenga, lost Bitcoin/found Keynes.   Read news
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