V星座 / 唐綺陽 接近一個看透真相不被表象欺瞞的改變世界之關鍵時刻,此時做出的決定,對未來產生重要影響。
未來十天,我們得把天蠍掌管的「利害關係、地位與重要性評估、可堪忍受程度」,充分體會、評估,究竟誰更需要誰?誰該更怕誰?探索內心秘密,處理財務狀況,揪出暗藏問題,把長久的失衡調一調,如果未來能更好,經歷這波動盪絕對值得。   Read news

We added five cryptocurrencies for forecasts!
Binance Coin (BNB)
Cosmos (ATOM)
BitTorrent (BTT)
Lisk (LSK)
Augur (REP)
Ethereum is in the process of trying to reclaim its key $380 support level following a brief dip below it earlier today. The cryptocurrency has been struggling to gain any momentum despite the intense strength seen by Bitcoin as of late, which is currently gr…   Read news
Bitcoin, although a powerful and disruptive financial technology, at its core, is mere mathematics. Its code is what keeps the network operating, its supply hard-capped at 21 million BTC, and much more. But could that computer code and supply mechanism also h…   Read news
Monero found support at the 100-day SMA and climbed up from $ on September 3 to $ on October 27. Since then, the privacy coin fell to $122.   Read news
Why hasn’t Muntinlupa City Regional Trial Court (Branch 205) Judge Liezel Aquiatan granted bail to Sen. Leila de Lima, as she was requested to do in June, and again in August this year? Is it that difficult to see that the case(s) against de Lima—Criminal Cas…   Read news
Bitcoin has simply been ranging throughout the past few days, with bulls building a strong base of support within the lower-$13,000 region as bears struggle to gain any momentum This support could help catapult it higher in the near-term, but the slight rejec…   Read news
Python module for Bitcoin RPC   Read news
Increasing volume and a breakout above a key trendline have set Bitcoin price back on the path to $14,000.   Read news
Ethereum was bounded inside an ascending triangle on the daily chart. On October 22, the digital asset had a significant breakout towards a high of $4   Read news
ASICLine New Era in Cryptocurrency MiningSaint Paul, MN, Oct. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ASICLine (  ) has recently pioneered a new era in the world of cryptocurrency mining with the official launch of its two miners FirstLine and PowerB…   Read news
Ethereum spent most of 2020 outperforming Bitcoin by a large margin, thanks to the burning hot DeFi trend and the related tokens’ reliance on the second-ranked crypto asset. But since things have reversed and Bitcoin has gone on its own individual run, on the…   Read news
It has been a rough past few days for Ethereum, with Bitcoin’s recent $13,800 rejection sending it plunging below $400 It has not been able to gain any strong momentum in the time since, and analysts do believe that this could indicate that further weakness i…   Read news
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