CEO 辟谣:数字货币平台OKEX 永久暂停服务为假消息 - 新浪网
  1. CEO 辟谣:数字货币平台OKEX 永久暂停服务为假消息  新浪网
  2. OKEx創始人被公安帶走 平台暫停用戶提幣  大纪元
  3. 币圈地震!OKEx暂停用户提币创始人徐明星已被警方带走  手机网易网
  4. OKEx创办人被抓 投资者150亿比特币 GG了  China Press
  5. OKEx创办人被逮捕比特币投资者被暂停提款  诗华资讯
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We added five cryptocurrencies for forecasts!
Binance Coin (BNB)
Cosmos (ATOM)
BitTorrent (BTT)
Lisk (LSK)
Augur (REP)
Bitcoin broke out of the $13,000 resistance level merely a week ago, which means those expecting Ethereum and altcoin prices to rise may have to wait a few months.   Read news
After climbing to its highest level since June 2019 at $13,863 on Wednesday, Bitcoin staged a technical correction and closed the day nearly 4% lower.   Read news
Ethereum closed the previous three trading days in the negative territory and dropped to a 10-day low of $373 on Friday. Supported by the upbeat mood   Read news
It’s been a brutal past few days and weeks for altcoins despite Bitcoin’s strength. Top digital assets aside from BTC have plunged a handful of percent, even dozens of percent, against the U.S. dollar, even as Bitcoin hits new year-to-date highs. This diverge…   Read news
Consolidation from Bitcoin would allow Ethereum to double bottom in its BTC pair and possibly breakout from the ascending channel in its USDT pair.   Read news
Back on track: US macro events unlikely to fully derail Bitcoin price gainsCointelegraph...   Read news
Previously Pal predicted the bitcoin price will soon go to $1 million. He thinks that some of the world’s biggest companies are gearing up to add bitcoin to their balance sheets—naming technology giants Apple and Microsoft as two possibilities.   Read news
Romance scams and bogus investment schemes, two of the most common online swindles, are being combined by international fraudsters in a new tactic that has duped Hongkongers out of tens of millions of dollars in just the past three months, the Post has learne…   Read news
Bitcoin has begun to consolidate above $13,000. Despite this bullish trend, most Bitcoin funding rates on leading futures exchanges currently are negative. The current Bitcoin futures funding rates are bearish on Binance, BitMEX, and OKEx. Bitcoin Funding Rat…   Read news
Bitcoin Cash went up from $208 on September 23 to $276 on October 24. Following this move, the bulls and bears have engaged in a tug of war for contro   Read news
Ethereum is in the process of trying to reclaim its key $380 support level following a brief dip below it earlier today. The cryptocurrency has been struggling to gain any momentum despite the intense strength seen by Bitcoin as of late, which is currently gr…   Read news
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