Leadercast تعلن عن تشكيلة المتحدثين الخبراء لدفق مؤتمر القيادة الرقمية في 15 أكتوبر 2020
تعلن Leadercast ، شركة تطوير القيادة التي تدفع نمو القادة في جميع أنحاء العالم من خلال محتوى الفيديو التحويلي ، بفخر عن المجموعة الكاملة من Leadercast 2020 - مؤتمر القيادة الرقمية Ripple Effect الذي يتم بثه مباشرة في 15 أكتوبر ، 20 ...   Read news

We added five cryptocurrencies for forecasts!
Binance Coin (BNB)
Cosmos (ATOM)
BitTorrent (BTT)
Lisk (LSK)
Augur (REP)
Blockchain startup PureStake has raised $1.4 million in seed funding to launch Moonbeam Network — the Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform built on top of post PureStake raises $1.4 million to launch Ethereum-compatible network on Polkadot…   Read news
Every aspect of our life is changing rapidly with technological advancement. The way we learn, communicate, shop our groceries, everything has taken a new   Read news
Andrew Jones, Senior Associate at Beale & Co, looks at two recent High Court cases which highlight the benefits and limits of parties and their insurers using proprietary injunctions to aid recovery of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency following cyber attacks …   Read news
The volatile start of that week that saw Bitcoins sell-off from nearly $11,000 to $10,000 in a matter of hours may have an even more turbulent ending.   Read news
The Flaming project announced its launch back in August when NEO saw another 15% surge. Binance will be launching the FLM staking pool on September 27   Read news
The artwork titled, ‘Portraits of a Mind’ created by the Robert Alice project is a set of 40 paintings made up of a transcription of the code associated with the Bitcoin blockchain.   Read news
Art historian-turned-blockchain artist Robert Alice believes that the Bitcoin codebase is a culturally and politically significant piece of 21 century history.   Read news
Bitcoin has undergone a strong rejection over recent weeks. The coin, after peaking at $12,500 in August, dropped as low as $9,800 earlier this month. The coin now trades at $10,400 — still over $2,000 below the year-to-date highs. While this was a steep drop…   Read news
S&P +%.10-yr %.Euro % vs. flat at $ % to $1, +% to $10,504..   Read news
The concept of cryptocurrency is still foreign to so many in the United States and around the world. There is a lot more mass appeal of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others. Generally speaking, though, they are still mysterious in the eyes of t…   Read news
Bloomberg hails crypto as top 2020 asset, bitcoin hits exchanges, options traders see calm around U.S. elections, hedge fund seeks $50M for DeFi.   Read news
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