Mike Novogratz May ‘Hang His Spurs’ if Bitcoin Doesn’t Hit $20K in 2020
Mike Novogratz, CEO of crypto merchant bank Galaxy Digital, admitted that he might give up on Bitcoin if its price does not hit new highs in 2020   Read news

We added five cryptocurrencies for forecasts!
Binance Coin (BNB)
Cosmos (ATOM)
BitTorrent (BTT)
Lisk (LSK)
Augur (REP)
XRP has been trapped around $ for the past several weeks, caught within a strikingly firm consolidation channel that has given it little room to make any notable movements. This has made its trend grow increasingly unclear and has caused it to post a seve…   Read news
Sign up and trade on Binance
Sign up and trade on Binance
Tension between China and the U.S. is increasing and if the current trade deal is scrapped Bitcoin could be a major beneficiary.   Read news
Cryptocurrencies appear on the scene of massive protests in the U.S. in response to police killing George Floyd, with many industry leaders weighing in.   Read news
Bitcoin price just reached overvalued status for the first time since September 2019, according to the asset’s Energy Value indicator. While this may sound like a negative thing, after this indicator has bottomed out in the past after each halving, it has spi…   Read news
There’s no question that Chainlink has been the most bullish cryptocurrency on the market throughout the past couple of years, posting massive gains throughout 2019 and 2020 These gains allowed it to set fresh all-time highs earlier this year, and it now appe…   Read news
Cryptocurrency mining ASIC producer Canaan filed with the U.S. SEC to issue around $12.4 million worth of shares to its employees.   Read news
The bitcoin market has nothing on oil’s volatility in 2020.   Read news
Satoshi Nakamoto sought help from expert cryptographers, which allowed him to make Bitcoin secure, says an early developer.   Read news
As the U.S. experiences the most sustained civil disobedience in more than a generation, an exploration of what role bitcoin has to play in building a better system.   Read news
Season 1, Episode 13 – “How to Train Your Carl” Carl gets lost in the city zoo after sneaking away from his family, in search of Keyon, the Komodo dragon. Links: HOMEPAGE – TVMZ MKV | AAC | 156MB NFO – Torrent Search – UPL…   Read news
Bitcoin’s buyers and sellers engaged in a heated battle yesterday just prior to the cryptocurrency’s critical monthly close This led it to see heightened volatility, with bulls prevailing over bears Buyers were able to propel the cryptocurrency above a massiv…   Read news
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