We added five cryptocurrencies for forecasts!
Binance Coin (BNB)
Cosmos (ATOM)
BitTorrent (BTT)
Lisk (LSK)
Augur (REP)
The Whale Alert twitter account has recently disclosed many wires carrying a whopping 29,293 BTC (nearly $208,000,000). These transfers were made betw   Read news
Bitcoin whale clusters show the $10,407 level has turned into a strong support area, raising the chance of a renewed bullish uptrend.   Read news
The RED KOMODO still hasn’t started shipping to the general public, but there are already quite a few cameras out in the wild that have been in the hands of what RED describes as ‘Beta Testers’ for several months now. For anyone who happens to have a white St…   Read news
By Tim Sandle 1 hour ago in Technology The U.K. has seen an increase in education-targeted ransomware attacks, where hackers have demanded a significant bitcoin ransom from victims of attacks. A new warning comes ahead for the next few weeks. As an indicatio…   Read news
Had it been Coinbase or Nexo, he agreed with speculation that law enforcement would have been knocking on the door the next day.   Read news
There would also be a ripple effect on New York’s economy, the report says, with an estimated 45 million workdays lost, resulting in a $3.5 trillion blow to the state’s finances.   Read news
He also took the time to discuss how content saved via Blockchains becomes effectively immutable.   Read news
One of the biggest impacts awaiting to hit Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency space is the firm hand of regulation. It is already beginning, starting with Russia’s finance ministry seeking to put holders in prison for non-compliance when it comes to d…   Read news
One of the earliest lessons for a new Bitcoiner is the security of your Bitcoin. If you lose your private keys or someone hacks you, it is almost certain you will never see that bitcoin your private keys is one of the first concepts for anyon…   Read news
The case, the website, the circumstances and the source all share parallels with another recent federal murder-for-hire prosecution.   Read news
Ethereum’s price action as of late has been quite turbulent, as it has been closely tracking that of Bitcoin, but amplifying but the gains and losses seen by the benchmark crypto Today has been relatively quiet for ETH, as its price is consolidating following…   Read news
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