La révolution de l'argent numérique est déjà là, et les banques et les sociétés de cartes de crédit ont des raisons d'être nerveuses
L'intelligence artificielle et le Bitcoin ne sont que deux façons de réinventer le capital tel que nous le connaissons, écrit Alex Tapscott.   Read news

We added five cryptocurrencies for forecasts!
Binance Coin (BNB)
Cosmos (ATOM)
BitTorrent (BTT)
Lisk (LSK)
Augur (REP)
Cryptocurrencies are rapidly on the rise and thanks to Blockchain technology, it seems that digital assets will be a core part of our lives in the future. Bitcoin ATMs can now be found in shops where investors can purchase BTC or owners can withdraw in Fiat c…   Read news
Sign up and trade on Binance
Sign up and trade on Binance
The native cryptocurrency asset to the Ripple protocol, XRP, may be poised for major upside against Bitcoin if a multi-month bull signal triggers an explosive move. The surge in XRP could be the spark that ignites another major alt season that has been brewin…   Read news
Mining Pool operator, Taal, has confirmed rumours that Calvin Ayre holds a substantial shareholding in the company. Taal recently switched from mining Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin SV, over the proposed BCH miner’s tax. Pssst… Wanna Buy 50,000 Non-Operational Cloud…   Read news
Bitcoin Optech was founded in 2018 to bridge the worlds of open-source development and companies. The post How Bitcoin Optech Is Connecting the Open-Source and Corporate Worlds appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.   Read news
Michael Ackerman boasted his algorithm generated monthly profits of 15%. The post Cryptocurrency Scam Allegedly Swindles Doctors Out of $33 Million appeared first on Chief Investment Officer.   Read news
Blocknox will expand its cryptocurrency custody service to institutional clients, including banks and fintech firms   Read news
Our dev team recently launched CoveTrader at Using our extensive experience from traditional financial markets, we connect to many crypto exchanges (Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, etc.) and show aggregated order books, trade list…   Read news
The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystems needs real investment in FOSS development to live up to their disruptive promise and potential. The post Why FOSS Development Is Crucial for Bitcoin’s Mainstream Acceptance appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.   Read news
Bitcoin price may be trading at the lowest level its done so over the last two weeks, but the recent rally and 2020 uptrend is far from over, according to a top crypto industry analyst. A clear lack of volume and reversal candle suggests that the uptrend will…   Read news
Binance was a cloud-based exchange provider that started its own crypto exchange. Now it wants to help others do the same.   Read news
Bitcoin Price "Golden Cross" Hints At 170% Rally To $26K By Halving Authored by William Suberg via , Bitcoin can hit $26,000 in just two months thanks to a bullish event that previously triggered 170% price gains. image courtesy of CoinTelegr…   Read news
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