service aimed at recording forecasts of the cryptocurrency rates
Founder & CEO
Sergey Girba (Founder & CEO)
«The cryptocurrency market is young, volatile and significantly prone to major players influence. However, a lot of analysts and experts are appearing, who predict one or the other outcome, relying on technical and fundamental analysis of historical data.

I want to do an experiment, in that 100 robots-analysts (let’s call them "swans") will participate. They will randomly predict the rates of leading cryptocurrencies for 3 days in advance. Also I invite all willing forecasters to use this function of forecast fixation. The statistic of "swans" and all forecasters will be publicly available. We will see the overall picture after accumulating information for several years. Are the experts and forecasters so good or the "swans", that can make a decision for split second will outpace them?»
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